Your Neighbor is Your Secret Weapon

Did you know that the most resilient communities in the country have a common thread? But it’s not geography, or size, or demography, or even industry.

No, the research is making it ever more clear that the key common denominator is actually a behavior: the most resilient communities are places where local organizations treat one another as resources. In these places, businesses, non-profits, and public entities work together to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, making the whole community stronger.

But was does that look like for businesses? Often, it means aligning opportunities and challenges so that different kinds of businesses can help each other grow.

If you’re a maker, gig worker, or other virtual business, often what you need is local awareness and a place to interface with customers. Building relationships with local businesses that have space can achieve both of these goals.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you need to draw people into your establishment, and you need ways to generate revenue during slow periods. Inviting new and different kinds of activities into your space can achieve both of these goals.

Over time, these kinds of collaborations aren’t just good for business. They’re also building relationships between people who are invested in their communities, and teaching them to work together. These are the skills that can mean the difference between a community that can weather difficulties and one that can’t.

Imagine what’s possible with the right alignment between businesses in your community!