Tips For Getting More Bookings

When the pandemic hit, we saw interest in co-working spaces and short-term rentals fall as people had to work from home. With vaccine rates climbing, restrictions have eased, and things are starting to get back to normal. The demand for flexible commercial space is increasing. And it’s not just from small businesses and freelancers. Larger companies are shifting from the traditional 9-5 model and showing interest in co-working spaces.  

Is your space ready? Here are two simple things you can do now to help your space stand out among the rest and get more bookings.

Tip One: Photos Are Your First Impression

           Guests want to see images that allow them to visualize how they could use your space! High resolution images are essential to providing a clear representation of your space.  Your cover photo will be most important, as it’s the first one guests will see when they are searching for spaces. A great cover photo should give a sense of the whole space. Be sure to include a variety of photos in your listing. Highlight what makes your space unique, or the amenities your space includes. If possible, include photos of past bookings to give an idea of the many ways your space can be used.

Tip Two: Share Your Space

Sharing your listing on GotSpot with your community is a great way to get the word out about your space, and help you get more bookings. Below are a few ways you can share your listing with your network.

1.       Social Media

Chances are, those who follow you on social media are already familiar with your space and have had positive experience. Even if they are not interested, they may know someone who is, and can easily share your post. That’s what friends are for!

2.       Email

Email is a great way to let your network know that your space is available for rent. Email friends and business contacts so they can help you spread the word. If you have an email list for your business, email your contacts a quick update, or let them know in an upcoming newsletter.

3.       Website

Adding a link on your website is a great way to increase traffic to your listing on GotSpot. There are several ways you can add your listing, depending on how your website is set up. You can add a new tab for Rentals to the top of your website that links directly to GotSpot. If you already have a page on your website about hosting events, you can add your link there.