COVID-19 Alert

GotSpot is currently sourcing the following kinds of space for RescueSpot:

*   Restaurant Space for community kitchens

*   Cold Storage

*   Space for the collection, cleaning and distribution of relief goods, including storefronts and/or warehouses

*  Space for the boarding of animals to assist overwhelmed families

If you can assist with any of these space needs, please contact  Check back to this page often for updates. 

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When a community is facing an emergency, every minute counts, and finding the right resources is critical. At GotSpot, we're doing our part by developing a database of local space resources that can be rapidly deployed when needed to house people, help with relief efforts, provide space for displaced businesses, and more.

Any business or other organization with space resources can list them in the RescueSpot database. RescueSpot is always free to search and the list of spaces is updated regularly so that communities can find them fast when they need them the most.




We work with businesses and local governments to database local resources.



Community leaders can search RescueSpot for the resources they need, make contact, and confirm availability



Spaces are activated, people are helped, and communities can focus on safety and recovery.

Help GotSpot build connected, resilient business communities everywhere. Here's how: