About GotSpot

One of the single biggest challenges for any business owner is space: if you’ve got it, you’ve got to fill it. If you don’t have it, at some point, you’ll have to find it, even if only for the short term. Your business literally depends on it. Enter: GotSpot.


GotSpot is short-term space for your business. Think AirBnB, but for commercial spaces. We’re a digital marketplace connecting small enterprises in need of short-term space to existing brick-and-mortar businesses who have available, non-traditional space that could be better maximized.


GotSpot’s mission is to solve for the space problem on a community basis. By helping SpotHolders and SpotSeekers find one another, we’re helping SpotHolders better monetize their space, while helping SpotSeekers find the spot they need, when they need it so they can grow. Everybody wins!

And while we’re at it, GotSpot also serves as a searchable database of spots that give discounts to non-profits, and spots willing to be leveraged in an emergency.


GotSpot is a user-driven marketplace that facilitates temporary rental of commercial spaces by small enterprises. Think of it as AirB2B. SpotSeekers can search by area, filter by features, and read reviews. SpotHolders can customize their profile, set available hours and pricing, and determine any restrictions.